On this page, we will describe in more detail the process of creating a project and what problems this simulator solves when training employees.
While working on this project, we were faced with the task of making an identical copy of a real industrial facility so that the employees of the customer's company could train in VR in a 100% safe environment without a threat to their lives.

The task of the simulator is for a person to receive a task from the manager, having completed all the necessary security measures to start work, to enter the site.
learning mode

Making mistakes safely!

In the training mode, the user has the opportunity to receive hints and make mistakes without losing evaluation points.
Virtual reality simulator
Virtual reality training
exam mode

Preparing to go to a real object

In the exam mode, the user is limited in time for the operation performed, works without prompts, and at the end of the scenario receives a mark for correctly performed actions. Based on the results of passing the entire scenario, the user receives a response about the successful or unsuccessful passing of the exam.
Subject's task
Get a job. Choose the right personal protective equipment. Prepare tools and necessary equipment for the task. Safely reach the work site. Complete the task in accordance with security standards and send a message about the successful completion of the mission.
The team completed the main task - to create a VR tank repair simulator at an industrial station, identical to reality.