On this page you will learn about our new development - a desktop application that takes quality control of welds to a new level
The industry is one of the most common among our customers. In addition, working with such a complex area, we always pay great attention to every detail of the client's production.

One of the most important stages of production is always working with welded joints.


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Great attention is paid not only to the competent fusion of seams, but also to their quality control upon completion of work. This step is carried out manually and plays a decisive role in ensuring the safety and reliability of many industries

Manual control of welded joints is a very time-consuming process and does not exclude serious mistakes that an employee can make due to inexperience or human factor.

Accurate and reliable determination of the compliance of welding seams with the necessary requirements and standards is a task that today can be successfully solved with the help of digital technologies.
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Today we want to present our new development - a desktop application that takes quality control of welds to a new level
The application developed by our team is a unique simulator based on non-destructive testing of welded joints. It is intended for training employees in the field of checking welded joints, searching for defects and inconsistencies in the preparation of reporting documents.

Based on GOST R ISO 581 standards, this innovative system combines several modules, providing a convenient and efficient way to learn and practice welding techniques.

Learning Management
The District XR Portal includes a fully functional learning management system that provides centralized control over the learning process. This allows companies to easily organize and track the progress of their employees in the field of welding
Theoretical base of materials
Users of the application get access to an extensive theoretical base of materials related to the welding process. This includes information on standards, welding methods, types of welds, and techniques for performing a non-destructive method of visual inspection of welds
Interactive hands-on application
The most exciting aspect of the District XR app is the interactive hands-on learning. It uses 3D models generated by procedural generation to display an infinite set of samples with random defects. Users can study these defects using various tools and devices. In addition, the functionality for generating reporting documents right inside the application has been developed for them. And the system is able to automatically monitor progress and generate transparent reports
Support for SCORM and xAPI standards
The District XR application supports SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) and xAPI (Experience API) standards. This gives ample opportunities for integrating third-party training materials into the system, including those already existing at the customer's enterprise. Thus, this portal organically fits into existing processes, without the need to create an infrastructure from scratch
Access via internet or intranet
The application provides a convenient connection via the Internet or the company's intranet. This allows employees to receive training at any convenient time and from any geographic location convenient for them


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One of the key features of the application is computer generated defects. This allows you to display unique welds with different sets of defects in each session. Users get the opportunity to interact with samples and use the tools used in non-destructive testing methods.

The application also provides access to regulatory documents and allows you to fill out reporting forms in accordance with international standards and GOSTs. This helps trainees become familiar with the requirements and processes associated with quality control of welds. It is also important to note that the automatic control system evaluates the parameters entered by the student, is able to give an independent assessment and generate a detailed report on the learning process and results.

Several modes of operation with the simulator are available for students

1 learning mode

A learning mode that provides full guidance and hints to help learners master the skills they need

2 exam mode

Exam mode with automatic control and assessment of students' skills.

Each session with the simulator is recorded on the hard drive, after which it is sent to the training portal and can be viewed in administrator mode.

3 teacher mode

In this mode, the user is given full control over the application: the ability to change the parameters of samples of welded joints, all auxiliary information is available with a list of displayed defects and their parameters, which makes it possible to conduct visual training sessions under the guidance of experienced teachers both face-to-face and via an online connection.

The portal provides ample opportunities for administration and management of training. Using our development, users will have access to the data of all application sessions. The administrator or teacher can view the time of passage, the contact details of the examinee, the samples on which the research was carried out, the completed reports and the assessment system.

This allows administrators to monitor the progress and learning outcomes of their employees.

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And the most important advantage of the portal is its scalability.
It can be adapted to specific requirements and GOSTs in every country in the world.