Fragroom is a dynamic PVP shooter with simple controls. Intuitive controls allow the user to focus on the game as much as possible, getting new experiences
Project description
We are very excited about this case, because Fragroom is one of the largest products that we have developed as a team. This is a game made for PVP arenas with 12 maps, multiple game modes, cool graphics. The development was done for Oculus Quest 2.
About the workflow
Our team thought very carefully about how to make the project catchy, viral, in such a way that people would experience very vivid impressions and bring as many friends as possible to play together. And the main decision was to create dynamics, to arouse interest and excitement. And the plot was decided to be kept simple and intuitive. And so it happened, this product is very fond of customers of many VR clubs.
Purpose of the game
The goal of the game is to win the battle in VR combat together with your team or alone. It is impossible to get bored here, we have come up with very addictive scenarios that will require players to have speed, agility and sniper accuracy.
Also the game has a second part if you want a separate game - Fragroom Defenders. In this version, the player has the opportunity to defend buildings together with friends shoulder to shoulder, which introduces a completely different game format, tactics and team action strategies. Special paints add details that we have treated with great care. During the game, users can search, collect and share with each other various types of weapons, build barriers and structures for guaranteed success in battle.
We are not just warm to this project, the team loves it. A huge amount of effort and soul has been invested in it, and most importantly, users have appreciated it. This is very important for us when creating each product, and in working on Fragroom, we certainly succeeded in this!